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SQL Server DB to the Cloud with SQL Data Sync

If you want to syncronize your local SQL Server Database with a Database in the SQL Azure Cloud, you can start using the SQL Data Sync that allows you to implement bi-directional data synchronization. First you need to download the Microsoft Synch Framework 2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) from this address

Then you need to download the actual SQL Data Sync CTP from

One you have installed both applications you will be able to run the SQL Data Sync Wizard as shown in the following steps:


1. First you need your SQL Azure server Address and Password, also you need to specify the name of the database that you want to replicate the data to, in this case is AdventureWorks that resides in SQL Azure. If you need you SQL Azure information you can access your account in the SQL Azure Portal in this address remenber that you need to configure the firewall in the SQL Azure Portal Page to allow the traffic beetween you local server and the cloud.


2. Next you need to specify you local database information


3. In the next step you will need to specify which tables will be syncronized, review the Conflict Resolution Policy, this allows you to specify how the the conflicts will be handled.


4. After that you can specify the order of the tables, and in the final step the summary will be shown:


5. Now you can click on Process to run the syncronization.




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